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What is a Personalized Body Dowsing  Readings?

     It's a unique way of testing your energy field, by utilizing a pendulum, to determine what your body wants and needs for healing itself on a: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual level to achieve Optimal Health.

 What Does Your Body Need ?

      At Merlin’s Medicinal’s, I specialize in Personalized Body Dowsing readings. This modality is a unique way to determine what your body wants and needs for healing itself. I can access information about your health needs from anywhere you are living on the planet by tuning into your "energy field " though the use of a pendulum. Your permission is required to do a session.

    Utilizing a pendulum, a dowsing tool, is a unique way for me to access detailed information about your body-mind system. I can evaluate the health of all your organs, glands and systems that need help to function properly. I then create a specific program for you to balance your entire mind-body system using various treatments and protocols based on the results I receive from testing you. I utilize whole foods, supplements, homeopathy and many other holistic healing remedies & tools for your balancing your body for optimum health.

    Upon completion, of your Personalized Body Dowsing evaluation, I will contact you with my "results of findings" and suggest a protocol of various whole food, supplements, remedies and therapies that were checked for healing your body, during the checking process.

                            What is                                Personalized Body Dowsing?

    By utilizing a pendulum and a scoring system, I can evaluate the health of your whole body. I can check the vitality of all the organs, glands, and systems of your body while also checking for radiation, heavy metals, parasites, allergies, yeast and toxins, and much more.

Click HERE to link to the Personalized Body Dowsing page: 

During Your Health Evaluation Process

      If an organ, gland, or system is over-functioning or under-functioning, it will eventually become a health problem or concern that can affect other parts of your body, when you look at the body as a whole organism. Any over-active or under-active area of the body are prioritized and brought back into balance through the use of whole food supplements, herbs, homeopathy, diet or exercise to balance the body / mind system.

A Personalized Body Dowsing Session Includes  

  •  A complete evaluation of the functioning of ALL your Glands, Organs & Systems of your body.
  • Suggested supplements needed to balance your entire Body, Mind, System.
  • Cost and Dosages of each supplement prior to purchase.
  •  Personal support from Roger Denisewicz N.C. by phone, for any additional questions or personal needs.

Need Some Help?

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