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Magic Happens Here

Welcome to Merlin’s Medicinal’s

      My name is Roger Denisewicz N.C., 

     I am a certified nutritionist, herbalist, and visionary of possibilities. I was guided to create healing products that would assist the body to stay aligned, using the right healing frequencies of plant and food medicine along with positive intentions and affirmations for a happy healthy life. 

     All the products and services I offer are created based on wisdom, higher guidance, and herbal mastery.  My personal desire is to create a unique place for people to come and explore the benefits & gifts of natural medicine to heal a person's body, mind, and spirit.

                        "Your Body Has the Answer to Your Cure"  Roger

Featured Product

On Purpose

                              A 4-Step Alignment System to facilitate your life purpose                                                                 by balancing the energy fields within and around your body.

As a holistic healthcare practitioner with more than 46 years of experience. I offer products and services that heal the whole body on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

Merlin’s Medicinal’s